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Terroni Olive Oil

$9.99 CAD

The first time I dipped my bread and tasted Terroni olive oil I coughed. A tickle burned the back of my throat;  the barista explained that compounds in the oil caused the tingle; and "that" he said,  "was a good thing".


And he's right! According to molecular gastronomists TRPA1 receptors in the throat react to levels of oleocanthal compounds in the oil (a serious anti-inflammatory)!


ANYWAY! I digress:


The olives used are 90% coretina olives (the burn) which is cut with 10% barese olives (buttery and smooth) to take the tickle down a notch.


For those who love a strong taste of olive in their oil,  this is the one. Fantastic in savouries, with breads such as focaccia, roasted vegetables and drizzled on pasta and pizzas.


For a smoother more light salad oil we recommend the gentle .08% acidity Taris Olive Oil