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Oréganum Plus® 1:3

$17.90 CAD

Oréganum Plus® 1:3 - Another Kind of Turkish Delight (New & Improved Formula with Vitamin D!)

The wild oregano in this product is not the oregano spice sold in supermarkets, which is usually marjoram. Oregano, which translates literally as “delight of the mountains”, originates in the hilly regions of the eastern Mediterranean, where it has been used internally over the centuries for the treatment and prevention of the common cold, flu, lung disorders, sinus congestion, bronchitis and other ills.

Modern researchers have found oregano to be a premier antioxidant, full of infection-fighting and anti-inflammatory compounds.

Our Oréganum Plus® 1:3 is the essential oil of oregano diluted with three parts of cold-pressed, Certified Organic extra-virgin olive oil. Now we’ve also added vitamin D, a vitamin that more and more researchers are acknowledging as critically important to good health.

For essential oil of oregano in more concentrated form, diluted with only one part of olive oil, see Oréganum Plus® 1:1.