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Salt Talks

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Andrea Brockie likes salt. So much so, she's turned it into a business.

Brockie known as "The Salt Lady" sells and distributes about 40 different kinds of salt from around the world at and at her store at The St. Lawrence Market. Her experience and knowledge has grown from trends in salt to health, body and gourmet applications.


Salt Talks


"The Salt Lady" has been invited as a salt expert to a variety of gigs involving pairings with foods, education, sales techniques and trends involving salt.



  • The different production methods of salt
  • Sustainability of salt production
  • Different tastes and uses in gourmet applications of salt including salt brick baking, finishing salts, preparing your own salts. We can sample and bring product for this fun portion of the talk.
  • Holistic applications of salt in uses for eczema, psoriasis, allergies, beauty care and pain management.
  • The chemical and application differences of bathing salts between Epsom, Sea Salt, Dead Sea Salt and Rock Salts like the Himalayan Pink Salt.