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A Scientific Foray into Mushrooms: A Personal Exploration

September 20, 2023

Greetings from the heart of Toronto! As a devoted mother and the spirited force behind Selsi, I find myself constantly juggling between business, family, and health. In this hustle, I recently ventured into the fascinating realm of Host Defense mushrooms. And trust me, the journey was as much personal as it was scientific.

Here’s What The Science (Kinda) Says:

1. Multiple Sclerosis (MS): Picture this - you're battling frequent MS flare-ups. Now, research hints that mushrooms like Reishi, Lions' Mane, and Cordyceps might help. It's like finding an unexpected ally in a crowd. These mushrooms have properties that help combat inflammation, a key player in MS. Links to relevant articles:

2. Cancer Adjunct Therapy: Here's an analogy - you wouldn’t fix a car with just one tool, right? Similarly, while Turkey Tail mushrooms aren’t a cure, they could be another tool in the fight against cancer. They have elements that boost our immune system, possibly making our bodies more receptive to treatments. Links to relevant articles:

3. Alzheimer’s: Remember those memory games we used to play as kids? Now, imagine a mushroom playing that game with your brain, but in a good way. Lion’s Mane might be that mushroom, potentially helping the brain rebuild and fight the effects of Alzheimer's.

4. Long Covid & Mental Fatigue: Battling Long Covid is like climbing a never-ending hill. Some mushrooms, particularly Cordyceps, might offer a bit of an energy lift, kind of like that second wind you feel in a long race. 

5. Liver Health: Let's say your liver's feeling a bit "under the weather". Mushrooms like Milk Thistle could potentially be the umbrella it needs, helping it function better, especially for those with fatty liver issues.

Treading with Caution:
Now, before we all go on a mushroom spree, a word of caution. Think of mushrooms like a new skincare product. You wouldn’t just slather it all over without a patch test, right? Always consult with a doc before adding any supplement. Some folks might have reactions, so it's best to start slow.

A Chapter from My Book:
Here’s a little story - post a nasty viral episode, my brain felt like it was trudging through mud. Searching for clarity, I stumbled upon Lion's Mane mushrooms. It was like someone gave my brain a much-needed spa day. I coupled Lion's Mane with B12, an Omega 3 rich diet, and cut out all alcohol (which was two or three drinks a month).  Reinvigorated, I’m now exploring the Stamets 7 blend and have also snagged a Liver formula for a family member. 

For The Greater Good:
On a grander scale, mushrooms aren’t just potential saviors for us. They’re Earth’s little helpers, decomposing waste, enriching our soils, and aiding plant growth. By embracing mushroom supplements, we’re nodding at an eco-friendly health choice.

To (Mushroom) Cap It Off:
From Toronto’s buzzing streets to the quiet rustling of forest foliage, mushrooms bridge the gap between urban life and nature's potent offerings. While there's still a ton to learn, the glimpses of potential benefits are tantalizing.

Stay curious, stay grounded, and here's to exploring nature's treasure troves together!

Pioneer, Selsi

P.S.: Always remember, personal stories and broad research often mingle. Consult your healthcare expert before you make health decisions based on what you read online (or offline).

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